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WRI Update – 3/17/13 – Action!

“The activity of the cubs reminds us that—unlike Lily—the cubs are not hibernating.  Their job is to eat (drink) and sleep and grow—and we guess play if they have plenty of energy, which they do.  Sometimes, Lily plays with the cubs, but other times she snoozes while they play with each other.”

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WRI – Update 3/13/13 – “Bears In Winter”

International Conference on Bear Research and Management (IBA) is holding its 22nd conference September 15-20, 2013, in Provo, Utah.  The theme of the conference is “Bears in Winter.”  As the conference website says, “Papers “dealing with any aspect of winter inactivity (hibernation)—physiology, behavior, ecology, reproduction, etc.—are especially encouraged.”  Where better to present our observational data?  Abstracts for papers are due in a couple weeks.  We’re on it!

Lily snoozes but a cub is awake.

Lily snoozes but a cub is awake.

We have a fair sample size—6 wild black bear dens that included 2 mothers plus their 7 offspring (4 litters).  Could it be better?  Yes.  A larger number of individual mothers would help us tease out innate behaviors from those that are simply the result of age or personality differences.  Hopefully, that will come with time.

Lily and cubs

Lily and cubs

Beginning work on the abstract caused us to think back about the differences in behavior between Lily and Jewel and how different Lily is with this litter compared to her first two litters.  Her play is now more gentle and infrequent.  By comparison, 3-year-old Jewel has always been much less playful with Fern and Herbie than Lily was with her Hope, Faith, and Jason.

A cub hug! Looks like a cub hug!

Lily and…which cub?  Lily and...which cub?                                                                                                

We also thought about how different our observations have been than those reported in the old days of direct observation of bears that were either sleeping or watching the observers.  The play, nursing, chewing footpads, urination behavior, defecation behavior, preparations for birth, labor, reactions to the cubs’ first cries, and day-to-day care of cubs are all new observations.  Not just new to us—but new to bear research.  So different from what people thought or from what a wildlife expert recently said on TV about cubs being born while the mother sleeps.

Compare closely with the picture on the right...

Who’s who? Be careful…

We believe the focus of this IBA Conference—hibernation—is a first. There will be a lot of papers on physiology, heart function, etc., involving implanted devices and blood studies.  In the old days, we took a lot of blood samples, winter and summer, to compare blood chemistry in and out of hibernation.  We’re looking forward to it.  If anyone has an interest in papers with big words and medical jargon, click on the publications tab at (Publications 2, 12, 25, 34, 36, 37, 49, 57, 92, and 103).

A new video of Lily and cubs is posted at

You are making a difference for Jim Stroner, who has helped us so often with his great pictures.  You have him solidly in first place, but that’s not a reason to relax at

Thank you for all you do.

—Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield, Biologists, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

All pictures taken on date of update unless otherwise noted.

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WRI Update – 3/12/13 – When Will They Emerge?





Can you see the differences to recognize them?

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Getting The Word Out – WRI Update 3/7/13


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New Executive Director And Director Of Operations On Board For NABC

We will occasionally highlight certain updates or portions of updates from the official WRI  and NABC websites — the daily updates can be seen  at  — for your convenience, you can sign up at the website to have the updates emailed to you. Read below for the latest entry:NABC-Logo2The North American Bear Center in Ely, MN welcomes a  new Executive Director  and Director of Operations to its line up of great employees.

From the WRI daily updates:

Welcome Judy and Nadine – UPDATE March 9, 2013

NABC staff welcome Nadine and Judy

NABC staff welcome Nadine and Judy

Tonight was the official welcome potluck for Director of Operations Judy Thon and newly arrived Executive Director Nadine Long.  Both have loved bears since childhood.  Both have been Lily Fans almost from the beginning.

Lynn poses with Nadine as Donna Rogers talks to Nadine's husband Russ

Lynn poses with Nadine as Donna Rogers talks to Nadine’s husband Russ Long

Judy moved into the study area in spring 2010 and met Lily and Hope.  She began volunteering at the Bear Center in spring 2011.  She was quiet about her 35 years of work as a U. S. Postal Service administrator.  She wanted to work hard, have fun, and fit in.  People noticed her work ethic and dedication.  She became the “go to” person to get things done.  Judy has tremendous energy, great skills as an administrator, and loves working with people.  We are unbelievably lucky to have her.

Nadine Long, Lynn Rogers, and Judy Thon
Nadine Long, Lynn Rogers, and Judy Thon

Nadine was living Tahoe when Lynn gave a talk there in 2003.  However, she missed the talk because she was getting married!  She had already found the NABC website at and had begun sending in questions in her attempt to learn as much as she could about her bear neighbors.  She discovered the Lily Den Cam the second day it was up in January 2010 and has been a dedicated follower ever since.  In August of that year, she joined forces with Linda Gibson and they became a volunteer team working from California where Linda lived and Oregon where Nadine lived with her husband Russ.

Nadine and Judy pose with their cakes
Nadine and Judy pose with their cakes

Over the next two years, we couldn’t help notice that Nadine was a behind-the-scenes team builder whose mind never quits working.  Like Judy, she gives credit to the people who do the work and doesn’t take credit for herself.  She is an artist with a varied background.  She has helped start several businesses.  We are unbelievably lucky to have her.

Neither Judy nor Nadine is here for the money.  Both are here because of their well-demonstrated passion for our mission.

Lily Fans in general have done so much, and today we are thanking these two for years of volunteer work and making huge changes in their lives to give of their talents full time right here.  We all look forward to making our educational mission all it can be.

Thank you Judy and Nadine and all Lily Fans for all you do.

—Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield, Biologists, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center

All pictures were taken today unless otherwise noted.

[Editor’s Note: Since this is a shared posting, pictures are as of the date of the original posting]

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Talk To The Animals…


This picture is borrowed from another bear organization — Chief Dan George‘s concept is a very simple one really…respect and sensible caution are always the rule; but, don’t be afraid to stop, look, and listen…the same rule that you were taught when younger about how to approach railroad crossings — still a smart rule today. In trying to understand the animals around us, we often can quietly find our own quiet place and assurance in life that we will also persevere and survive in our daily struggles of life… taking time to watch nature, you can find some peace…. with your own short words and whispers to an animal you can sometimes discover your own soul. Take time to discover nature and your own self. 

Chief Dan George

Chief Dan George (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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