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Eli & Ellie Venture Out Of The Den

After seven months of living in a den, on April 23, 2013 Lily ventured out to view a little of the world around her with her new cubs, Eli and Elly, both born in mid-January of this year. This is video taken from a stationary mounted PTZ (Pan to zoom) camera that captured the adventure, thanks to a permit issued by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR). The permit allows WRI to place a radio/gps collar on Lily for when she has officially left the den with her cubs. It also allows the den camera and outside PTZ  camera to be mounted for research and educational purposes.  This year, bandwidth for internet service was provided via Verizon’s  4G network via  solar powered equipment, along with internet streaming through Wild Earth and Ustream — the cameras were provided by PixController.

We thank the DNR and the other providers for allowing such a wonderful glimpse into the lives of these bears. Without the permit and equipment, many of us would still be in the dark as to how bears live during the winter during their form of  hibernation, which is not as deep nor as constant a sleep as other true hibernating animals experience.

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Talk To The Animals…


This picture is borrowed from another bear organization — Chief Dan George‘s concept is a very simple one really…respect and sensible caution are always the rule; but, don’t be afraid to stop, look, and listen…the same rule that you were taught when younger about how to approach railroad crossings — still a smart rule today. In trying to understand the animals around us, we often can quietly find our own quiet place and assurance in life that we will also persevere and survive in our daily struggles of life… taking time to watch nature, you can find some peace…. with your own short words and whispers to an animal you can sometimes discover your own soul. Take time to discover nature and your own self. 

Chief Dan George

Chief Dan George (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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