WRI support logoThis page is sponsored by supporters and fans of the Wildlife Research Institute (“WRI”), and its affiliated company, North American Bear Center (“NABC”), both located near Ely, Minnesota. They were founded by Lynn Rogers, Ph.D., who is a bear biologist and ecologist. He has been studying the American Black Bear for over 40 years and has extensive expertise regarding the bears and their habitat.

Dr. Rogers’ research is based on a concept of trust so that he can observe and get vital information from the bears while they are fully awake and not tranquilized in any manner. His unique approach has garnered both high praise and some naysayers along the way, but he continues to forge ahead in his pursuit to gather data and teach others that the Black Bear is not the ferocious animal it was once thought to be. As humans continue to encroach on territories and precious habitat of so many different species, including the Black Bears, Dr. Rogers teaches that there are in fact ways to co-exist with all of nature in a humane and responsible manner, which also includes humane hunting practices.

Along with Sue Mansfield, MS, who is also a biologist for WRI, Dr. Rogers has been studying the genealogy of one particular family line of bears in the far northeastern corner of Minnesota. Known as Shadow’s Clan, several generations have been tracked, including one of Shadow’s better known descendants, Lily. Lily is well-known in the world of Facebook, with over 146,000 fans, as “Lily: The Black Bear”.  The official website for WRI  is http://www.bearstudy.org, and for NABC is it http://www.bear.org. Each brings its own information about the study bears and the American Black Bear in general.

In addition to being published in many peer-reviewed and other publications, Dr. Rogers has enjoyed teaching about the Black Bear through television programs on NatGeo, Animal Planet and the BBC.

NABC currently offers education materials to over 500 schools through its Education Outreach program. The program provides teaching materials and live streaming video into selected bear dens through WRI’s research and education permit issued by the MN DNR. The permit allows WRI to not only collect important data related to the denning of the bears, but also gives the public an excellent learning experience into the lives of bears.  School children from all over the U.S. and other countries get to learn first hand in real-time about what goes on in bear dens during the winter months, including following the births of cubs and their early journey in life before venturing out of the dens in the Spring.

This page is not endorsed by the WRI or NABC — it is simply an avenue for supporters and fans to have input and help provide sensible information to the public regarding the American Black Bear.


22 thoughts on “WELCOME!

  1. Shannon Mason

  2. Jean Rostoks

    Thanks so much! Love to learn the true nature of black bears, & am a loyal, proud supporter of NABC/WRI!

  3. Shannon Mason

    Good morning everyone this is such a great page to come back to 🙂

  4. Shannon Mason

  5. Shannon Mason

  6. Shannon Mason

    I really enjoy coming to this page to read all about the black bears

  7. Myra Fournier

    Great page. Trying to educate in Massachusetts, as more and more beautiful black bears meander through our suburbs.

  8. Kimberly Kramer

    Love this!

  9. Shannon Mason

    Wow i love this Blog 🙂

  10. Dixie

    Hey, good blog! I will be following along as best I can!

  11. Trish Kirk

    I believe in TRUTH and COMPASSION. That’s why I support WRI and NABC. And that’s why it’s lovely to see this blog! With appreciation!

  12. Mary OBrien

    Been following the research and have gained a better understand of the true nature of these beautiful black bears. I’ve learned they are not the vicious animals I once thought they were. I look forward to the updates which provide insight to how the bears go about life day by day. The more we understand, the better we learn to co-exist.

  13. Paula Alexis Boon

    Great synopsis of the exciting trust based interaction with black bears that is educating around the globe the true disposition of this species.

  14. Diane Moore

    Looking forward to following this page…thank you!

  15. Laine Pearce

    Thank you for this page. Looks like a lot of great info. Kudos !

  16. Linda L Evick

    Very nice looking blog page and I look forward to reading more. Thanks.

  17. Shannon Mason

    Thank you for this great page of information 🙂

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